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Your needs, our commitment.

From our fields, direct to the market

The products sold by ESPALMEX come mostly from our farms in the Vega del Guadalquivir and Huelva province, with a production capacity of approximately 36 million kilos per season.

Given our history as farmers, we can guarantee unparalleled and widely recognised levels of quality internationally, as well as a wide range of varieties, which allows us to start the season in mid-October with early Navelina oranges and finish with Valencia Late oranges in July.

In order to meet consumers’ needs and allow them to appreciate our brand, all oranges sold by Espalmex undergo strict quality control prior to the fruit being cut and sent to our handling centre, ensuring optimal parameters of sugar, acidity and juice.

Our international brands

Packaging options

The packaging of our oranges is diverse, depending on the customer’s needs, and we use both boxes and net formats (girsac or D-pack).


All our oranges are sold under our brands Señorial, Consuay and Frenesí. We also sell under our clients’ brands.

Espalmex packaging in images

Variety calendar

Espalmex Process


Espalmex Quality