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Excellence at the service of the market

At Espalmex we believe in quality as the only way to ensure mid and long-term profitable production. As such, we think that quality should be horizontal, affecting each process in our company’s business flow, from production and packaging to the selling of each kilo of fruit produced.

Espalmex is governed by the Global Gap and GRASP standards, and by the BRC and IFS protocols. These regulations relate to a rational use of natural resources, ensuring food safety, the safety of workers and that of the environment, from the field to consumers.

Our Quality Policy focusses on the following key points:

  • Achieving continuous improvement in processes through the application of quality protocols.
  • Committing all company employees to comply with the objectives set.
  • Involving our employees in client satisfaction and continuous improvement.
  • Keeping the organisation’s staff updated on innovations and law changes that involve modifications in forms of cultivation.
  • Our commitment to meet clients’ requirements and all legal requirements and regulations applicable to our activity.
  • Training and information for all employees in each stage of our work.